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Diy Bike Chain Repair

Intro. Use my bike lift ceiling on my bike, if you make minor repairs or adjustments. I have the motorcycle near the ground down, it works a bit, but this is not portable diy bike chain repair and is stable and a little shaky step, when you start the wheels. After reading many posts stand, I decided in a forum for cycling to create your own bike, to make my own. I wanted to adjust the angle of the different geometry of the Clipper Moto and portable and is able to tilt the bike at a certain angle. To make portable, decided to use speaker PA a tripod as a basis. I found a lot of Craigslist. New Amazon costs about $20 more than a hundred dollars more than imagination. My goal is to keep everything under $50. and craigslist is a life saver. The tripod is the key element to do this. If you something you are sure that Tripod tube can accommodate upper part 1 diameter pipe. In addition, it is crucial for the design of work, the wall thickness of 3/4 pipe diameter must fit inside the tube 1 (if you look at the image below, you'll see what I mean). She had black pipes from Home Depot and is a perfect fit. Required tools and materials: PA tripods stand diameter clamp 1 pipes of the speaker system horse, Black 6 (screw base at each end) 2 3/4 = 1 = 3/4 diameter, black 21 inch along the line (threaded on one end) 1 = 1 diameter Loctite red galvanized permanent 34 T-shirt. 9 mm QR Seatpost clamp (optional) stain block in 2 x 4, along the old mouse 12 inch with rubber in contact with CementTools need to fill: chop saw or saber saw niet mounted drill with drill bits and a table of the main screw setter is practical / Revit or metal screws. On the photo below stand-bicycle repair is,.